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Become a seller on Onedot Stores

Onedotstores sellers’ hub connects you with millions of buyers online which gives you ability to sell more products as well as give you topnotch seller support and expert product delivery to improve revenue.


Cost Effective Expansion

Being a merchant on onedotstores is budget friendly. You do not have to bother about rent, employee salary or any operational cost. Our merchant portal will provide an automated billing system, with all the tools you need to efficiently manage your inventory. Registration is 100% Free.


Round-The-Clock Sales

Relying solely on a physical store means you may have to miss out on sales while you are away. Selling on Onedotstores gives you a chance to enjoy 24/7 sales. With our merchant portal, our efficient digital marketing team and effective sales strategy, you can get orders even while you are asleep.


Instant Fund Remission

We remit funds to your registered account as soon as the customer confirms delivery. This is an automated process to make payment effortless and transparent.


Increased Customer reach & Sales

Running a physical store restricts you to a particular geographical area and may limits sales. Our platform offers recommendation to buyers, based on trends and customer reviews to enable customers shop on their own terms. We also provide options for payment, standard delivery or pick-up. So, it is goodbye to geographical limitation and Hey! to many more customers across Nigeria.


    1. Why do I need Onedotstores services? Having a store on our platform exposes you to more buyers, increasing your sales and profit!
    2. Who takes care of delivery? The vendor (shop owners). Since buyers would mostly be from your vicinity it should be easy. Delivery is charged based on distance and is paid online. Again, this is extra profit for your business
    3. Is registration free? Yes it is.
    4. How much do I pay Onedotstores? Onedotstores only charges 2% commission on sales for providing the service.
    5. How and when do I get paid? We make remission to your registered bank account as soon as the buyer confirms the goods have been delivered. It’s an automated bank process.
    6. Can I make sales without having internet access? Our product is online based and your prospective buyers are people online so the shop would need to be online too!
    7. What do I need to become a seller on Onedotstores? It’s pretty simple! Just fill out our online registration form, attach necessary documents (Store CAC registration certificate, inventory) and submit registration. Once done, your registration would be confirmed within 24hours and you can now login to your unique portal with your username and password and add your products. You can contact us on [email protected] if you have any questions.
    8. Can I register without having a CAC certificate? Yes as long as the shop owner has a valid ID card (i.e. Driver’s license, international passport, national ID card or Voter’s card) this is for security purposes.
    9. Can I manage my store online myself? The vendor would be given login access to a unique portal on our platform upon complete registration. We also have an automated system that manages store inventory for those stores that have inventory management software/point of sale (POS) counter system.
    10. What if we can process but we don’t want to do deliveries? Onedotstores has you covered in this area. We provide delivery services for our merchants who do not want to go through the hassle of doing deliveries. Terms & Conditions apply.
    11. What if we don’t want to process and do deliveries? At Onedotstores, we make selling seamless for our merchants. We provide store representatives and delivery services to stores who do not want to process orders and do deliveries. Terms & Conditions apply.
    12. What if we have multiple stores at different locations? Great, as we can onboard all your stores and maximize sales at your locations as we are location based!

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